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Anisha Nguyen, DDS

USC Graduate

Dental Offers

Examen dental y radiografias gratis para pacientes nuevos.

Free Dental Exam and X-Rays

*New patients only
Examen y radiografias gratis para coronas de Circonia.
Zirconia Crowns $650
includes: Free Exam and X-rays
Dr. Anisha Nguyen.


With 15 years of experience, Anisha Nguyen, DDS, is a general and cosmetic dentist at Mile Square Park Family Dental Group in Santa Ana, California. Dr. Nguyen is licensed in adult and children sedation and strives to deliver exceptional patient care. 

At Mile Square Park Family Dental Group, the team strives to provide the best treatment at the lowest cost. The office is modern, clean, and spa fresh with high-tech entertainment. Their goal is to protect and maintain patients’ beautiful teeth through high-quality dentistry, accurate diagnosis, and technical skills using modern technologies. Dr. Nguyen promotes a friendly, inviting environment and instills the importance of healthy teeth and gums to her patients.

Mile Square Park Family Dental Group provides comprehensive services, including general dentistry, sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, veneers, oral surgeries, endodontics, implants, periodontics, and emergency surgical procedures and specialist services. 

Dr. Nguyen and the team warmly welcome patients and their families to Mile Square Park Family Dental Group. For patients’ convenience, they are open Sundays and offer late hours on weekdays. To schedule an appointment, call the office or book online today.

Dental Services

Best options available for Invisalign treatment.
Invisalign Treatment

One of the best alternatives to have uniform teeth without the use of traditional metal braces is with Invisalign treatment, which are nothing more than transparent aligners that can be worn by children, adolescents and adults.

Providing all the necessary treatments from whitening to veneers.
Cosmetic Dentistry

We have all the necessary treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth, from whitening to dental veneers.

Dental implants for cost effective teeth replacement.
Dental Implants

Dental implants have become one of the most effective treatments to replace a lost tooth. We have specialists with experience performing this type of service, with which you can smile again with confidence and security.

Dentures to give you a natural smile appearance.

The lack of teeth not only affects the aesthetics of the mouth, but can cause other problems such as speech and the way you chew; This can be solved by means of a semi-fixed prosthesis that gives your teeth a natural appearance.

Teeth whitening available to give you a great smile.
Teeth Whitening

Forget about yellow or stained teeth, you can have white teeth with a trendy treatment that can be performed in our office.

Pediatric dentistry available for you child today.
Pediatric Dentistry

We also provide comprehensive dental care for children of all ages. Make an appointment for your child today and discover why children feel comfortable coming to our dental office.

Smile makeover to improve you appearance and have a flawless smile.
Smile Makeover

We help you significantly improve your appearance and obtain a flawless smile through a variety of quality dental procedures.

Dentist an assistant treating patient on dental chair.
Calm Your Jitters With Sedation Dentistry

Are you fearful of sitting in the dental chair? Modern dental practices have taken the anxiety out of a dental visit. With sedation dentistry, you lose those pre-appointment jitters and can relax when you’re in the chair.

Woman smiling showing sample of dental implants.
Dental Implants

Why They Are the Gold Standard for Replacing Missing Teeth

If you’ve had one or more teeth extracted and you have a noticeable gap between your teeth, you have several options for filling the space. Which one is the best? Learn why dentists recommend dental implants.

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